One of the great pleasures of academia is working with research students; both the student and the supervisor learn from each other. If you are interested in joining my (growing) research group as a PhD student, please get in touch. I am in the process of submitting a grant (or two) that could accomodate exceptionally good students. I am also happy to support a student-led proposals for grants either at UmU's Grad. School or WASP.

If you are reading this in the academic year 2019/20 and interested in doing your final-year or masters-level (research) project with me, please get in touch. I have a selection of topics in the areas of systems AI, agent-based modelling, games AI, and AI ethics available. However, I am also open to new ideas and suggestions. I believe that any final-year/MSc-level project should be a fun and rewarding experience for all parties involved.

PhD Students

2019 - 2023 (Expected) • Umeå University • Zahoor Ul Islam

MSc Students (University of Bath)

2019 • Holly Wilson Calibrating Our Mental Models of Intelligent Agents Using Transparency • Distinction

In addition, I have provided mentoring support to the first-year EngD student Alexandros Rotsidis.


My main teaching interests are in AI and software engineering. Please consult my CV for a complete account of my teaching experience. Research-related tutorials and workshops can be found on my Talks page.

Intelligent Control and Cognitive Systems (CM30229/CM50230)

2016-2018 • Head Tutor

Programming 1 (CM10227/CM50258)

2017/18 • Teaching fellow
2016/17 • Head tutor
2015/16 • Tutor

Programming 2 (CM10228)

2016-18 • Head tutor

Databases (CM20255/CM50259)

2017 • Tutor