Dr. Andreas Theodorou

Research Fellow in Responsible Artificial Intelligence at Umeå Univesity

AI Ethics | AI Governance | Systems AI | HRI

Research Overview

My research at Umeå Univesity is focused on Responsible Artificial Intelligence. More specifically, I am looking at the computational methods, formalisms, and socio-technical practices we need to effectively audit, verify, and validate intelligent systems while ensuring their trustworthiness. My research spans multiple fields; including AI ethics, KR, software development practices for AI, cognitive architectures, HRI, policymaking, and moral philosophy.

Upcoming Talks & Events


I am honoured to be in the Organisation Committee of COINE 2021 attached to AAMAS 2021.
In addition, I am happy to be participating once again to the organisation of the AI for Social Good Workshop attached to IJCAI.


For a full list of upcoming talks, please consult the dedicated page.

Recent publications

For a full list of publications, please consult the dedicated page.

Research Projects

Dedicated pages for research projects to be made available to the public soon.


Building Europe's first on-demand AI Platform.

Glass-Box V&V

Verification & Validation of ethical values.

Transparency in AI

Real-time visualisation of decision-making.


Assessment Tool for AI Governance.