Supervision & Teaching


In 2018, I was first entrusted with supervising an MSc student after the student requested to do a project with me. This includes setting up the research project, having weekly meetings, and even marking various deliverables.

If you are reading this in the academic year 2018/19 and interested in doing your undergraduate or MSc project with me, please email me. I have a selection of topics in the areas of systems AI, agent-based modelling, games AI , and AI ethics available. However, I am also open to new ideas and suggestions. I believe that any final-year/MSc-level project should be a fun and rewarding experience for all parties involved.


Over the last years, I served in a variety of teaching-related roles in University-level courses; these roles include: teaching fellow, head tutor, tutor , and lab demonstrator. A list of modules I taught are included. Please contact me for additional information for any course.