My main research interest is the design and application of Intelligent Systems, and its effects on human society. Since 01/01/2019 I joined the Umeå University Responsible AI Research Group under the leadership of Prof Virginia Dignum . Now, as part of the AI4EU project, Europe’s AI platform, I am working in the development of good-design guidelines for AI development. Our upcoming guidelines take into consideration the socio-economic, legal, and other ethical considerations of integrating AI into our societies.

In parallel to my current post, I am finishing my doctoral studies as a member of the University of Bath’s Intelligent Systems research group. In Bath I am involved in the AmonI project under the supervision of Dr. Joanna Bryson . Over 2015-18, in addition to providing development on ABOD3, a novel plan editor and debugger, I explored the understanding and intuitions that can guide human cooperative behaviour, by using interventions in the form of computer game technology. Moreover, I contributed in the development of design guidelines and recommendations for building transparent-to-inspection intelligent systems. In 2017-18 I served as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath and in 2016 as a short-term visiting scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Please note, my doctoral studies are not officially over yet; I still need to do a viva!

I am also working in AI policy; I am member of various standardisation and policy recommendation initiatives, including the ones organised by the IEEE SA, BSI, and the AI APPG.